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Sharp Darts gives you style AND substance with our UK based cheap expert SEO copywriting on demand with a super-fast turnaround.

Our team of SEO Copywriters are experts in producing entertaining, informative, keyword-focused content for our clients. We’ve seen this service grow from strength to strength with the ever increasing demands for more fresh & exhilarating search term focused content that customers actually want to read. As well as sparkling, entertaining text, our SEO copy is optimised to improve back links, general awareness, keyword rich hyperlinked text & republishing.

Thanks to our team’s expert skills and incredible efficiency, we can offer cheap SEO copywriting services with no compromise on quality. All of our copywriters have Masters degrees in writing, so you can be sure of intriguing, exciting content that will delight your customers.

Search engine optimisation copywriting is the technique of writing viewable text content on a web page in such a way that it reads well for the viewer, but also targets specific targeted search terms. SEO copywriting’s purpose is to create pages which rank highly in the search engines for the targeted search terms relevant to our clients.

As well as the viewable text on page, our SEO copywriting services include the optimisation of other on-page elements for the targeted search terms such as Title, Description and Keyword meta tags, as well as the headings and alt-text.

The theory behind SEO copywriting as an effective aid in search engine marketing is that search engines prioritise genuine content pages over additional pages (known as “doorway pages”) which are created solely for the purpose of achieving high search engine result page rankings. By creating original content and not trying to trick the search engines with low-quality, purposeless pages, we drive quality leads to your site and make the internet a better place.

SEO copywriting is a proven, effective and affordable search engine marketing technique which Sharp Darts recommends to businesses of all sizes.

We recommend around 250 viewable words of text per page, with one, twice, or three at most, targeted search terms strategically positioned within the text body and other on-page elements.

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SEO expert copywriting rates – a stand-alone service:

If we are working on a search engine optimisation project or a complete search marketing website strategy for a client then it is likely that SEO copywriting will be used. However, we also offer our UK SEO copywriting Services as a stand-alone service, and our rates for our search engine copywriting are below.

  • 250 word article £12.50
  • 10 x 250 word articles £100

Feel free to get in touch any time if you’d like to discuss any aspect of our SEO copywriting services.

SEO Copywriting is used in the following search Marketing Disciplines:

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