Optimised Online Press Releases

Search engine optimised online press releases help to generate natural back-links

The quickest way to drive web traffic to your web site is through targeted publicity. While the concept is simple enough, executing a plan of action isn’t always straightforward. The top positions in search engines are very competitive, so online marketers are continually looking for an edge over the crowd. With this in mind, we’ve developed an optimised online press release service that will really get the word out.

While pay-per-clicks, directory submissions, link building, and strategic search engine optimization (SEO) remain vital pieces of your online marketing strategy, online press releases are one of the new growth areas, and provide small and medium sized businesses with a truly targeted way to communicate with potential customers through trusted online sources.


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A well optimised online press release makes an incredibly effective marketing tool. Online press releases which are carefully constructed to include keyword-rich content are invaluable to businesses, especially those who are looking to increase natural search engine results positions. Online press releases have shown to be extremely useful when it comes to strong search engine presence, web site traffic, back-link creation and brand-awareness.

Submitting keyword rich optimised online press releases can massively increase the availability of press releases to journalists, students and consumers who are searching the web for information relevant to your business. Specialist news search engines such as those from Google, Yahoo and MSN Search are rapidly becoming the first stop for news and information research. Plus, on most occasions, these search engines will publish online press releases within the first page of results for a major visibility boost.

The increase in the amount of online news networks means that there are a number of venues for the publication of optimised online press releases. If the press release has been optimised then this will increase the chance of it being re-syndicated and dramatically increasing back-links to your website with relevant page content and keyword rich anchor text.

The benefits of optimised online press releases:

  • Fast publication, often instantaneous or 24 hours post submission
  • Achieve high rankings in Google News, Yahoo News, MSN News, and other major search engines for your targeted search terms
  • Achieve fresh rankings in Google, Yahoo & MSN Web Search results, often within the first page of results
  • Gain exposure on hundreds of relevant websites with distribution through Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeds
  • Relevant information provided to relevant traffic
  • E-mail delivery to subscribers based on their target interests
  • Generate Links from websites which pick-up & re-syndicate your online press release
  • Gain wide distribution to consumers, journalists and researchers
  • Monitor the success of your online press release with sophisticated tracking capabilities
  • Increase brand awareness for existing and new customer bases
  • Helps to achieve natural link popularity for your websites pages
  • Online press releases which are archived deliver long-term “link juice” value


Sharp Darts professionally compose online press releases in-house, then ensure they are optimised for the keywords you need. We can provide our optimised online press release service as a stand alone service or as part of an ethical & effective link building campaign or part of a complete website marketing management strategy.

If you want to discuss any aspect of the optimised online press release process, please feel free to get in touch with our expert team.