Ethical Link Building Services Case Study

When you need to build your visibility online, Sharp Darts’ ethical link building can make all the difference. Here’s how:

The client

Love Lowestoft is the tourism information website for the popular seaside holiday town of Lowestoft in Suffolk. With a population of over 60,000 and a tourism industry worth over £10 million a year, Lowestoft presents plenty of opportunities to earn revenue online by providing tourism information.

The problem

The website was simply not performing well enough in the search engines, or getting enough targeted visitors, even though the site was well designed and packed with useful content. Our analysis showed that there were some SEO improvements that could be made, but our software and experience told us that the best move would be to increase the number of quality inbound links. By promoting the site in this way, we hoped to see the website ascend the search engine results pages.

Our solution

Our initial research found that at least 60% of people looking for information on Lowestoft would start with a search beginning with the single keyword ‘Lowestoft.’ For Love Lowestoft to be a leader in the competitive Lowestoft tourist information market then the website had to rank within the top 5 for “Lowestoft across the major search engines.

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Sharp Darts firstly completed a link audit to see if we could increase the value of any links already pointing to the website. We then looked at ways to improve the website content to encourage natural links. This kind of attractive, useful content is known as ethical link bait. We then ethically sourced as many keyword rich links as possible, including external webpages with high Google page rank, such as .gov’s .ac’s & .bbc links.

Elements involved in this successful ethical link building campaign:

  • Undertaking a website inbound & outbound link audit
  • Maximising benefit from existng links
  • Made on-page changes to encourage natural link building
  • Conducted extensive ethical link building request campaign
  • Produced link building reports each month

The results

When we began work on this ethical link building campaign, the Love Lowestoft website was only on page 14 for the keyword ‘Lowestoft.’ Love Lowestoft now finds itself at number 1 in Google for the search term ‘Lowestoft’ 80% of the time and has not been below the top 3 for over 1 year. Our SEO tweaks and link building campaign have given Love Lowestoft a key position in the Google rankings and resulted in a 1200% increase in traffic over 12 months.

Some of the Google ranking positions currently held by Love Lowestoft:

  • ‘Lowestoft’ | Number 1 in Google | Keyword generates around 3,000 visits each month
  • ‘Lowestoft Tourist Information’ | Number 1 in Google | Keyword generates around 400 visits each month
  • ‘Lowestoft Things To Do’ | Number 1 & 2 in Google | Keyword generates around 750 visits each month
  • ‘Lowestoft Hotels’ | Number 5 in Google [plus directory listing] | Keyword generates 400 visits each month
  • “Seaside Hotels Lowestoft” | Number 1 & 2 in Google | Keyword generates around 250 visits each month

If you’d like to talk to us about our ethical link building services or you have any other website design, web development or online marketing query then please feel free get in touch with our expert team.

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