Yahoo Search Marketing & Microsoft Adcenter to Merge

Yahoo Search Marketing & Microsoft Adcenter to Merge

Finally Yahoo Search Marketing & Microsoft Adcenter are too Merge their Paid Search Networks

The search alliance merger

Yahoo! and Microsoft have now officially received regulatory clearance for their search transaction. This is a significant milestone and an exciting first step in their combined efforts to help Paid Search users reach even more customers with greater ease and efficiency.

How the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance Will Benefit Advertisers

Once implemented, the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance will enable advertisers to:

Save valuable time and effort.

• Advertisers will use a single platform–Microsoft’s adCenter–to manage online ad campaigns, giving advertisers greater efficiency and a better ROI.
• With just one buy from one sales force, advertisers will reach users on Yahoo! and Microsoft sites, as well as other premium partner sites.
Benefit from rapid innovation.

• Yahoo! will deliver new features and innovations to the world’s favourite online destinations, content and web products, used by hundreds of millions of consumers to connect to the people and things that matter to them most.
• Microsoft will innovate the underlying technologies that drive high quality algorithmic and paid search results.

Reach more customers.

• Search ad inventory from both the Yahoo! and Microsoft networks will be joined in a new, unified search marketplace with the aim of giving advertisers access to search volume increases in the UK and French marketplaces, and is predicted to give advertisers up to 40% more search volume on a global basis than on Yahoo! alone.
• To help drive future growth in search volume, Yahoo! will continue to significantly enhance the search experience on their leading web properties.

So What’s Ahead? in this paid search network merger?

There will be no immediate changes to advertisers Yahoo! Search Marketing accounts. Both companies are committed to making this transition as seamless and beneficial to its advertisers as possible. Their aim is a high quality transition for advertisers and partners in at least the U.S. prior to the Christmas holiday season – So over here in the UK we may have to wait until 2011 to see the merger in operation and we may have to wait wait until late 2011 to see the benefits.

Sharp Darts are pleased with this annoucement as this paid search provider merger should enable us to offer better value to our clients. Click prices should be lower and Adwords should become more competitive as they is a new force in the market now and with one less paid search platform to deal we can save ourselves time and our clients money so achieving a better ROI.

In the more information please refer to the websites below:

Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance website

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