Website Metric Management

Understand & improve your website’s convertibility with our website metric management service.

Once a website is live on the internet, Sharp Darts are able to offer a suite of website metric management services. The most widely used tool is Google Analytics, which enables Sharp Darts to trace the revenue generated from your marketing investments, as well as providing near real time data about the performance of your website and the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy.

Want answers to the following?

  • Where do my visitors come from?
  • Which search engines do they use?
  • What pages do they visit?
  • What keywords do they use to find us?
  • Why are people not buying my products?

If you do then you will want to speak to Sharp Darts about our web traffic analysis service.

  • Benefits of Website Metric Management
  • Attract more visitors to your website
  • Increase visitors to browsers
  • Convert browsers to buyers
  • Calculate return on marketing investments

If you’ve got any questions about our metric management services, feel free to get in touch with the Sharp Darts team.

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