Pay Per Click Management

“When you are spending 50k+ a year with Google Adwords you need a paid search agency you can trust. Sharp Darts have consistently produced the results & ensure that we see a very positive return on this form of marketing investment”

– Simon Cashmore – Managing Director of TCL Group

Sharp Darts makes sure your paid search investment pays off

Paid Search, or Paid Search Marketing, is a highly effective online advertising model used by search engines such as Google. This online advertising discipline is extremely effective as ads are only shown when a user searches for keywords that are relevant to your business. You then only pay a fee if the advert is clicked. This service is easily scaleable: simply agree a daily spending budget and we’ll make sure it’s never exceeded, so you will never outlay more than you want to.

In paid search marketing advertisers select and bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market in order to reach goals such as sales, sign-ups or enquiries.

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When a keyword search query matches a word or phrase in the advertiser’s keyword list, or when a content website displays relevant content to the advertiser’s keyword list, adverts will display in the search page’s advertisement space. These advertisements are known as sponsored listings or sponsored ads, and will appear adjacent to or above the organic results on search engine results pages.

At Sharp Darts our dedicated paid search team are always able to advise on new innovations and opportunities to increase business. We’re here to:

  • Consult on goals
  • Conduct keyword research
  • Agree keywords to bid, media budget & paid search platforms to run campaign with
  • Compose adverts
  • Upload tracking code – track sales, sign-ups & leads
  • Produce real time campaign reports
  • Provide ongoing paid search marketing management & suggestions

If you’d like to discuss any aspect of paid search management, feel free to get in touch. For an example of how paid search can help grow your business, take a look at our Pay Per Click Marketing Case Study.

Pay Per Click Campaign Management from £50 per month.