We’re Looking Forward to London A4U Affiliate Marketing Expo 2014

We’re Looking Forward to London A4U Affiliate Marketing Expo 2014

Last Year we attended the London A4U Expo and it was certainly bigger than the year before – What will be in store for this years event?

a4u-affiliate-marketing-expo-londonWe are naturally looking forward to the A4U Affiliate Marketing Expo in October. Its great to meet up with and put faces to the names so often heard and mentioned in the close-knit affiliate marketing network and talk about, yes you guessed affiliate marketing and nothing but juicy affiliate marketing.

This year the aim of the game was: ‘Harnessing all areas of Performance Marketing on an international platform, a4uexpo brings together the key decision makers from across the world…’

Here are our thoughts from last year @ A4U Expo….

We are Its the morning after the A4U Expo party and despite a bit of a hangover from the complementary champagne, there is still clarity in our assessment that this was the best London A4U Expo yet. With most of the major Affiliate Networks in the world present and all the top affiliates, affiliate commentators and online marketers in the same room we were able to perform some serous networking.

Highlights were chatting with all the major cashback model guys who are raking in the profits for themselves and generating a vast amount of business and cash back rewards for hard-up brits. We’ll let you know How our cashback website Granny Cashback is doing soon.

Another highlight was the talk given by Kevin Gibbons from SEOtimise, where he pointed out his top 40 Social Media Tools & WordPress Plugins. And the chaps from conversion rate experts gave a great seminar on improving the conversion rate of your website, including the eye tracking technology where a site users eye movement and focus can be monitored to see where the eye focuses and also record the steps & time taken to complete a set process, such as finding and completing the purchase of a product.

We had a chat with Norwich based OMG crew, who were there in force. Carla Arrindell OMG’s Group Account Director, was one of the speakers and she gave a great insight into the financial affiliate base in the UK.

Overall we had a great Affiliate Marketing Expo, gaining our clients affiliate campaigns some great exposure and signing up some talented affiliates. Next Stop London 2015.

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