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Quality Content is Still King

If you’ve been researching the world of search engine optimisation and website marketing, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that with enough clever tricks and short cuts you can jump the queue and get the rankings you want without considering your site’s actual content.

While many unscrupulous SEO sites would love you to believe that this is the case, in reality, the key to SEO is the same as the key to building a lasting relationship with your customers: quality content that is interesting to read, and which contains actual information.

Tips for How to Write an Effective Web Article

There are many Benefits of an Effective Online Article. Here are our tips of How to Write a Web Article

Benefits & Tips of How to Write a Web ArticleHere are our Tips for How to Write an Effective Web Article. Writing an article is simply a magnificent way of sharing your knowledge of a chosen subject, industry or service, whilst also networking amongst others interested in your chosen content.

We’re Looking Forward to London A4U Affiliate Marketing Expo 2014

Last Year we attended the London A4U Expo and it was certainly bigger than the year before – What will be in store for this years event?

a4u-affiliate-marketing-expo-londonWe are naturally looking forward to the A4U Affiliate Marketing Expo in October. Its great to meet up with and put faces to the names so often heard and mentioned in the close-knit affiliate marketing network and talk about, yes you guessed affiliate marketing and nothing but juicy affiliate marketing.

Revival Plaster Pre-Search-Engine-Optimised CMS Website Launched

Revival Plaster, one of UK’s finest heritage building restoration companies approached Sharp Darts to undertake the new web design and search engine marketing projects.

The design focussed on displaying the quality of work that Revival Produce and showing as many examples of their prevous work as possible as well as Revival’s large range of services and products offered.

Yahoo Search Marketing & Microsoft Adcenter to Merge

Finally Yahoo Search Marketing & Microsoft Adcenter are too Merge their Paid Search Networks

The search alliance merger

Yahoo! and Microsoft have now officially received regulatory clearance for their search transaction. This is a significant milestone and an exciting first step in their combined efforts to help Paid Search users reach even more customers with greater ease and efficiency.

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[pro-player][/pro-player] This viral video released by Quicksilver has been watched by more then 20 million people. Within just 4 days of release it appeared on 95% of all surfer related websites.view more videos...